Top 20+ High PR Questions and Answers Websites List

question and answer websites

Question and answer websites proved to be beneficial if you are willing to know something new you can ask answer on these listed sites and you can also give answer of other questions which are asked by other member of question answer site and you can also mention source link of website.

These website always helpful to earn traffic for website these question answer website always crowded with high is important to give relevant answer of questions asked by other to drive traffic to your website,gain upvote for your answer and comments too.

Here is the list of high pr question answer submission sites.A user can easily create backlinks on these listed sites to drive organic traffic to your website.These sites are informational anyone can ask or give answer in a few steps or a user can easily create high quality backlinks on relevant answers.A user can easily ask answer of questions to industry experts.

Benefits of Question and Answer Websites

1.Backlinks – Backlinks plays crucial role in seo.These listed high pr questions answer sites will help you to create backlinks and increase domain authority for website.however its important to create backlinks on relevant answers.

2.Traffic – As we know questions answers websites always crowded with traffic.These questions answers sites will help you to create backlinks and drive massive traffic to your website through backlink which you have created on question and answer websites.

3.Get Answers– If you have any question and want to ask questions to industry experts question answers sites is the best option to clear all doubts on particular topic.However a user can comment or upvote to other answers.

4.Share Knowledgequestions and answer sites is the best way to share knowledge with others.These listed sites will help you to ask questions to industry experts and also you can give answers of others questions. 

5.Cost Effective – These listed sites are free a user can easily create account on these sites and easily ask questions,give answer and share knowledge with others.The most important thing is that its important to read terms and conditions or privacy policy before creating account on these listed sites.

Question and Answer Websites List

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Do’s & Dont’s while using these question answer sites

1.It is important to read terms and conditions of questions answer sites.

2.Always write relevant answers.

3.Don’t include irrelevant links.

4.use attractive images. 

5.Don’t avoid grammar error while submitting question and answer websites. 

6.Don’t use copy content.


Share your knowledge or get best answers in these question and answer you can easily create backlinks or earn traffic for website.As i discussed do’s and dont’s it also helpful for you while using these listed sites.Make sure your answer content is not copied from somewhere try to use unique content to attract online visitors through your answers or drive massive traffic to your website. 

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